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Emphasis is placed on carbon footprint here at RAS.Exposed.  Both the 4th National Climate Assessment and IPCC Global Warming of 1.5ºC reports make it clear almost nothing else matters more to a sustainable future as does decarbonizing our way of life.

RAS.Exposed has built a RAS Carbon Footprint Calculation Resource Page with specific guidance and recommendations using industry standard Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tools and methodologies.

This is one of many difficulties the RAS industry faces as it’s absorbent energy consumption is much higher than any other method of raising fin-fish.

Important to a RAS operators carbon footprint is the production of feed as it is the dominating climate impact for RAS followed by energy source and transport methods used.  And finally, more and more the architecture and  building industry is looking more to Embodied Carbon which RAS.Exposed maintains is the crux to saying no to RAS as a means of protein production.

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